Aaryaman Basu

Aaryaman / अर्यमन्‌

Meaning: Noble Minded

Pronunciation: (aar-ya-mun)

Pure Origin: Sanskrit

Two and a half decades ago, in the bustling alleys of Petaling Jaya's Pasar Malam (Malay: night market) two soon-to-be Indian parents savoured their Mee Goreng and Nasi Kandar, unaware, that the propensity of positive emotions elicited while consuming South East Asian cuisines was only aiding the cultural diaspora their child would face several years later.

Born in Kolkata, India, but raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia- my cultural identity has been strewn across two countries, both of which have absolutely no dearth in cultural wealth. It is the very reason I request my mother to whip up some Kheer right after a flavourful meal of Bak Kut Teh or perhaps why I enjoy playing Cricket as much as Sepak Takraw.


I received my undergraduate degree from the Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts, wherein, I took complete advantage of the freedom of a Liberal Arts education- enrolling in classes ranging from Graph Theory to Living with Climate Change. Amongst a myriad of vital skills, the emancipatory pedagogy of my education instilled lateral thinking, accentuated my curious disposition and augmented my tolerance for ambiguity.

Currently, I am pursuing my master's degree in Digital Media at the University of British Columbia.

Before enrolling in this program, I was a Product Designer and Product Manager at Verto (YCombinator W19), where I got in on the nuances of complex enterprise systems and figured out how to streamline user flows, amplify user joys and mitigate user pains. I am no stranger to intense scrum poker sessions and enlightening sprint retrospectives. As a product manager I kept the development team enabled and proactively strived to improve the teams morale.

Outside the realm of corporate work, I pursue my own passions and product ideas (some of which are listed in my portfolio).

Here's a copy of my resume

Oh, and of course, feel free to reach out to me at: aaryamanbasu@gmail.com

and finally, here are 12 fun facts about me that no one asked for.

#1 i am cross-dominant 🙅🏻‍♂️

#2 more than 90% of my friends call me 'Rono' (my nickname) 💬

#3 i can cook a fantastic roast chicken & pork vindaloo 🍗

#4 i can speak fluent english, hindi, urdu, bengali and survival spanish 🧠

#5 i play the guitar and the drums 🎼

#6 formula 1 is the only sport that i follow 🏎

#7 coffee derived from medium-dark roasted beans is essential for my survival ☕️

#8 raccoons are my favourite animal 🦝

#9 i am deeply fascinated by how phages kill bacteria 🦠

#10 i once had a pet crow 🪶

#11 i binge watch Kurzgesagt videos on YouTube 🤓

#12 music genres I listen to: punk rock, jazz, heavy metal, indie rock & hip hop 🤘🏼